Viral Caucasians Peeing Mount Bromo Get Criticism

Viral Caucasians Peeing Mount Bromo Get Criticism

Not a tourist though the stranger with the Instagram account showing the discomfort of intentional urination Mount Bromo in East Java.

The scandalous video of the Caucasians went viral on social media and drew criticism from Indonesian netizens. A nonsensical Caucasian Instagram account is known to speak German.

On the other hand, Mount Bromo is a sacred place. The Tenggerese people consider Mount Bromo to be associated with their ancestors, namely Joko Seger and Roro Anteng.

Supoyo, as the traditional leader of the Probolinggo Tengger Tribe, once advised that visitors who come to climb Mount Bromo must pay attention to the restrictions imposed by the locals.

Travelers are prohibited from urinating facing Mount Bromo or throwing stones into the Bromo crater. Travelers are also prohibited from taking items around Bromo to take home.

“Through Mount Bromo sanctity, avoid spies facing Bromo, it is forbidden to take things near the mountain to take home, fearing that they will be returned to their ancestors who guard Bromo. It’s a shame to return all the way back just to return the goods,” said Supoyo, as reported

He added that “If you see no fault, continue to return, and don’t throw stones in the Bromo pit, keep your words and heart from evil, Mount Bromo is holy,” he said.

As a result of what he did, he was declared not to go to Indonesia again. One of the female designers in Indonesia, Niluh Djelantik, gave a strong response. Niluh said Mount Bromo is a sacred area, because the Hindu Tengger tribe regularly holds festivals in Bromo.

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“Mengencingi Gunung Suci Bromo, You are a disgrace to our country. Do your homework and learn about the laws of the place you are visiting before creating offensive content that sets a bad example for other tourists,” tulis Niluh quoted Wednesday (14/9/2022).

“Bromo is a sacred sanctuary that has been protected by the Tengger Tribe for generations. You are welcome to enjoy the scenery, but you need to use your brain. This is not your home. Be nice as a guest. and you will be well.” added.


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