Viral Balenciaga Flip Flops Made from recycled bottles

Viral Balenciaga Flip Flops Made from recycled bottles

There is always something to do Balenciaga. This one fashion house often causes problems cosmetics surgical.

Recently, people are now enjoying shoes in the form of a water bottle that shows the Balenciaga brand.

This news was first shared by a digital content creator from Paris through his Instagram account @neondazer.


The picture shows two feet wearing shoes made from used mineral water bottles. A bottle of blue mineral water is at the end of the sandal.

The label ‘Balenciaga’ is also clearly written on the strap of the shoe.

In particular, the model designed to be photographed with ugly shoes is Justin Bieber. Bieber was seen wearing a dark blue T-shirt, black jacket and pants, complete with sneakers and a bottle.

Not only that, the upload also shows a photo of Balenciaga’s website.

In the photo gallery, the shoes are named ‘bottle slippers’. The sandals are sold at a price of 895 Euros, or about Rp. 13.3 million.

Of course, the launch also generated a variety of online comments. Some netizens admitted that they were surprised at how they were cast.

However, some netizens actually appreciate it.

The owner of the account @maslovkattyyy, for example, sees it as a step forward in the fashion world. According to him, this is like a way of mocking the culture of excessive eating.

The truth about flip-flops is unknown. However, check on the official site Balenciaga They didn’t find a product called ‘bottle slippers’ this.

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Balenciaga is known for its amazing releases. Previously, Balenciaga went viral for its bottle earrings that cost IDR 6.2 million.

In addition, Balenciaga also released earrings made from shoelaces. The earrings even cost Rp. 3.2 million.


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