Viral, 8 Hands of Kaaba Revealed

Viral, 8 Hands of Kaaba Revealed

Recently some new interior photos Kaaba al-Musyarrafah in the Grand Mosque, Makkah release. The pictures show the sight of the Kaaba for the first time in over a year.

The statement also explained in detail the pictures inside the holy room of Muslims. What is seen in the Kaaba room is something that is difficult to make many people interested.

The interior of the Kaaba is shown through a link posted by the Twitter account @haramainarchive, which is the Twitter account of the main mosque. Eight pictures have been released, here is what is seen in the Kaaba room.

1. The door is made of gold

The door of the Kaaba is made of 280 kilograms of gold, which was made and repaired during the reign of King Khalid in the late 1970s. the door.

2. Lock the Kaaba

The door of the Kaaba room is locked and locked using a lock and the key of the Kaaba room is held by the deputy guardian of the Kaaba, Sheikh Abdul Malik bin Taha Al Shaibi, the vice president of Sheikh Shalih Al Shaibi.

Many worshipers hold the wall at the foot of the door of the Kaaba in the Great Mosque of Makkah.  BETWEEN PHOTOS/Ismar PatrizkiA part of the base of the wall of the door of the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque, Mecca. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Ismar Patrizki)

3. The roof door of the Kaaba room

There is another door that leads to the roof of the Kaaba, which is made of gold, and has an opening called Bab Al Tawbah.

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Currently, the inscription on the left side of the door is a marble tablet that describes how the door was built during the reign of King Khalid. There are 10 marble inscriptions from different periods.

4. Free hanging

The pendants contained in the Kaaba are many gifts that are used as treasures. These include articles made of gold and silver, plates covered with sapphires and crystals, precious stones, precious stones, etc., which have been given by Kings and Queens and people over the centuries.

5. Marble walls

The interior walls of the Kaaba are made of marble with green details. It should be noted that most of the marble walls used were designed during the reign of King Fahd in 1996, with a marble ceiling and 3 burgundy columns made of Burmese teak.

6. Prayer place of Prophet Muhammad SAW

The government of Saudi Arabia has released some new images of the black or black rock in the Kaaba with high resolution for the first time.Hajar Aswad’s photo. (Photo: Photo by @ReasahAlharmain twitter)

It is believed that the place where the Messenger of God prayed after entering the Kaaba on the day Makkah was liberated, is in the marble courtyard of the Kaaba room where prayers are held. While inside the Kaaba room, you can pray in any way.

7. The area between the Black Stone and the Kaaba gate

Al Multazam is a place between the Black Stone and the door of the Kaaba which is about two meters long. Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that it is a place where prayers are received.

8. A storage box for washing the Kaaba

Between the two large pillars hanging gifts there is a card that is kept with oud incense and things used to wash the Kaaba. A green cloth is attached to the top of the wall above the inner ceiling which contains an Arabic script.

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