Viral 15 First Date Dating Rules That Are Guaranteed to Work, Try it on Thursday

Viral 15 First Date Dating Rules That Are Guaranteed to Work, Try it on Thursday

There are always people there TikTok. Recently, a woman revealed 16 special rules for the date first to win.

This video was uploaded by TikTok account owner @thejarr. This woman named Eli Rallo tells her followers about some things they should pay attention to on the first date.

Rallo created this list based on his first date experience.

“I made this law with trial and error that I experienced while I was in New York. I tried to use this method and it worked,” said Rallo. The Independent.

Here are some of Rallo’s dating rules.

1. Dating on Thursday

Rallo said the first day should be Thursday. Thursday allows you to have a second date on Saturday or Sunday.

“This is the perfect approach to the weekend, where you can have a second day before Monday,” said Rallo.

2. Drink 1/2 cup of water before the date

Rallo also recommends drinking half a glass of water before a date. You can drink anything, be it wine or soft drinks. Drinks are considered to lift someone’s spirits before a date.

3. Listen to Ariana Grande’s music

Ariana Grande - StatusExample. It is recommended that you listen to Ariana Grande songs before going on a date. (Image via YouTube/Ariana Grande)

Rallo also admitted that he often listens to songs by Ariana Grande that can improve his mood before dating.

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4. Don’t talk too much before meeting

Rallo also warned you not to write too much before the meeting.

Rallo said, “You don’t have to text him all day before the day.

Instead of exchanging messages, it is better to make it a first date to get to know each other better.

5. Meet friends

If you are curious, you can go on a first date at the same time as a friend’s first date.

“You get ready together, then you go on a date, come home and meet again to tell each other stories,” Rallo said.

6. Beauty

There is no need to dress up too much for a first date. That’s why denim pants and jackets are the perfect first date.

7. Order a drink

Don’t forget to order a drink on the first day. This will reduce the awkwardness that comes with a first date.

8. Do not save his phone number

Don’t be too quick to save the number in your contact book. At least wait until the third date.

If the third date is good, then please save his contact number.

9. Don’t forget to be thankful

If he dates you, don’t forget to say thank you. She said thank you directly.

10. Don’t talk directly

Istanbul, Turkey - July 14, 2015: Hand holding iPhone 6 Plus showing WhatsApp messaging application.  The iPhone is a smart phone by Apple Inc.Example. Don’t rush to text him after the first date. (istockphoto/hocus-focus)

Rallo also advises you not to text her too soon after the date. Except for those who told you to inform them when you come home.

In addition to the list of 10 above, there are also some additional date suggestions from Rallo, below.

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11. It’s okay to disappear for a while, give him time to remember you
12. Share spicy food
13. Talk about favorite music albums or tourist spots
14. Tell a terrible joke
15. Choose a unique way to meet, outdoor activities can be an option.

The video about first date rules was uploaded last Thursday (1/9). The video has been viewed millions of times by netizens.


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