Viewers Reportedly Criticize Son Naeun’s Behavior As Drama’s Ratings Soar – Kpopnews

Viewers Reportedly Criticize Son Naeun’s Behavior As Drama’s Ratings Soar – Kpopnews

The public would have criticized son Naeuntrades in JTBCSchlager drama Agency.

Agency Poster (Lee Bo Young) | JTBC

On January 16, the media Chosun Ilbo published an article stating that Son Naeun’s game “absence 20% to the opponent lee bo youngSon Naeun’s charisma needs to work harder.”

son Naeun | JTBC

Agency tells the story of Go A In (played by Lee Bo Young) and follows her rise to become the first female executive in a venture capital group. Son Naeun plays Kang Han Na, the group president’s youngest daughter.

In the latest episode of Agency, the audience was introduced to Son Naeun’s able character, Kang Han Na. In the episode, Kang Han Na is portrayed as someone who can turn the tide in the standoff between Go A In and her rival, Choi Chang Su. Kang Han Na would be an incredible ally for Go A In who has no friends in the company, while also representing Choi Chang Su’s journey to his father and the company president’s inner circle.


According to Chosun Ilbo’s article, audiences felt that Son Naeun’s screen presence compared to co-star Lee Bo Young, who was responsible for “carry the drama on your back”.

The article also explained that audiences were critical of Son Naeun’s portrayal of her character, who isn’t just a’s spoiled younger daughter chaebol family, but she is an able, smart and savvy business woman herself.

Her whiny voice has been criticized as a one-dimensional portrayal of the character.

– Chosun Ilbo

Perhaps, given the reviews, it’s important to keep in mind that Son Naeun faces Lee Bo Young in the drama, one of Korea’s most revered actors, and thus comparisons to the actress are inevitable. Since the drama is still very young (four episodes), Son Naeun still has time to improve and show the depth of his character through his acting.

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In addition, not everyone criticized the actor. There have been netizens in online communities who have posted positive reviews for the actors, with some even expressing that they would like to see the actress get more airtime.

  • “He doesn’t have much (screen time) yet, but as the story progresses his (screen time) will increase.
  • “His character is good. I think he will play an important role (in the drama) in the future.
  • “She doesn’t have many[scenes]but she still has an impact. In addition, its (broadcast time) will be extended.
  • “(The drama is) funny every time she shows up. I like his character and it suits him well LOL.

Despite the criticism Agency already proving to be the next hit K-Drama. The drama has more than doubled its ratings in just one week and is entering the coveted 10% viewership mark.

Ratings per episode | Naver

Haven’t seen the drama yet? Check out the trailer for the drama at the link below!

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