View of Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgi Dog After Her Death

View of Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgi Dog After Her Death, Jakarta During her life, Queen Elizabeth II was not only with her family and guards, but also with four dogs. Queen Elizabeth II herself has long been known as a dog lover, especially the corgi.

In the palace, he has four dogs of the breed Dorgi, Corgi, and Cocket Spaniel along with Lissy. With four anabulnya, Queen Elizabeth II has a special relationship and gives its color in the daily life of the Queen.

But after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, what will happen to these four dogs? It is known that Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite corgi will live with the queen’s children, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, known as the Duke and Duchess of York.

Although the couple has been divorced for more than 20 years since 1996, Queen Elizabeth II continues to have a relationship with her former mother-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, especially regarding dogs. In March 2022, Prince Andrew gave his mother two dogs to comfort him after Prince Philip received intensive care.

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