Videos of thieves posted on social networks: the Amiens merchant explains

Videos of thieves posted on social networks: the Amiens merchant explains

The victim of repeated theft, Jérôme Jean, a merchant from Amiens (Somme), posted pictures on social networks showing thieves stealing items worth 700 euros from his shop. Speaking to CNEWS on Monday, he denounced “a rise in thefts.”

He put his muzzle fully out this Monday, January 16th. In the new CNEWS program “La parole aux Français”, which proposes to present the news seen by the daily witnesses, Jérôme Jean, owner of a ready-to-wear store in Amiens (Somme), returned to the theft of which he was the victim on the 10th

As a reminder, after filing a complaint and lamenting the powerlessness of the police, he decided to circulate on social networks the CCTV images showing the alleged perpetrators of the theft, whose damage amounts to 700 euros.

“You should know that it is a store that is 100m2 and that we have several cameras and that there (on the videos) you have part of the store,” he hinted on our antenna. The trader also testifies to the impotence of sales teams who “are not vigilantes” and are “doing their job” as best they can.

An “ineffective” judiciary

Although Jérôme Jean does not have precise statistics on the extent of theft, he nevertheless claims, like other fellow traders, to have observed “an increase in thefts in shops over the last five years”, all combined with a justice that “reduces the lack of Means and lack of strong decision” is in his opinion “ineffective”.

Flights that are also “very quick” and “well organized”. So much so that Jérôme Jean recently suffered a previous theft of more than 1,000 euros, in addition to the last theft of 700 euros.

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A situation that causes great concern for the merchant, because with the winter sale that has just started, neither he nor his team have time to be on their guard every day: “If there are ten or twelve customers in the store, I hire salespeople, I don’t hire security guards a.

“Like many others I’m a trader, I don’t have much time to waste in the month of January in the middle of the clearance sale period, ‘Am I going to file a complaint?’ because you have to queue up with the police, you have to wait, you have to fill out papers, you also have to say to yourself, ‘How likely is it that this complaint will be successful?’” he further lamented.

If at the moment he has not taken any steps with the insurance to be compensated, he also intends to contact a perhaps local association to share his experiences with traders from all over France affected by flights. He also calls for phrases that are “scary, otherwise we get annoyed by these people on a regular basis”.