VIDEO: Who Gets Monkey Disease?

VIDEO: Who Gets Monkey Disease?

CNN Indonesia | CNN Indonesia

Thursday, 01 September 2022 13:00 WIB

Monkey pox is one of the diseases that should be taken care of, especially after a resident of DKI Jakarta tested positive for monkey pox.

A dermatologist and health expert at Friendship Hospital Adi Satriyo said that in Indonesia it is not known which group is infected with the disease. He said that so far there has been no outbreak of the disease in the house, nor has it spread in the country.

However, Adi said that currently there are two groups that should be cautious.

The first people most at risk are health workers. It was laboratory workers, health workers in the ventilation facilities, and even doctors.

Second, people who have recently traveled abroad can be said to be susceptible to the disease. Especially the makers walk to countries where smallpox is common.

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