Various benefits that come through Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day for Indonesian MSMEs

Various benefits that come through Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day for Indonesian MSMEs, Jakarta The end of the year shopping festival has been successfully opened by the joy of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. There was a special interest from the public at the height of the election campaign on September 9 yesterday for the series of advertisements given. There are a variety of products offered by local merchants and trusted partners. Users can also offer themselves to meet different needs by taking advantage of the good offers presented by Shopee.

9.9 Super Shopping Day also creates a boost to the digital economy in many cities. This happiness was also received from MSMEs throughout Indonesia, especially the areas outside the capital, such as Cimahi, Mojokerto, and Klaten who also received more orders during the election campaign.

Monica Vionna, Head of Business Development at Shopee Indonesia said, “We are very happy that through the 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign, Shopee can provide opportunities to MSME players and provide benefits to consumers. In line with the commitment of #ShopeeAdaUntukAll, we present this campaign as a place where consumers can enjoy the online shopping experience and provide many opportunities for business development of local merchants and partners. today, we look forward to providing more benefits to our users in a variety of ways in the coming months.”

Interestingly, this campaign brings many benefits as it can be a stepping stone for local merchants to grow with Shopee. The high interest of consumers provides an opportunity for partners and MSME to increase their business transactions in this campaign. This highlight is also part of Shopee’s efforts to help grow local businesses, in line with the #ShopeeAdaUntukUMKM commitment.

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Consumers also gave a positive response to MSME products from different categories, where at the peak of the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign, local MSMEs also did well, such as:

– Beauty is also the user’s favorite MSME category on Shopee 9.9’s peak campaign day. Showcasing the best of home potential and quality, Face Wash and Mascara are the home’s favorite and most purchased products.

– The demand for MSME products in the category of Home Appliances is increasing. With great interest from the community, the Sponsored Blender and Bed Linen have successfully become the MSME product of choice for consumers.

– Many people find their favorite snacks in the Food & Beverage category. On the peak day of the Shopee 9.9 campaign, consumers are taking advantage of the promotion to taste the flavors of island food, with Fried Meatballs and Sambal Served Ready being popular MSME products.

“It is not only a campaign, but 9.9 Super Shopping Day also provides opportunities for local partners and MSMEs to grow with Shopee. We appreciate the trust of consumers and sellers, and we hope to continue to serve the people of Indonesia service to meet their needs through technology,” said Monica.

For more information about the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign, you can click here directly.

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