Val-de-Marne: An ATM attacked with a gas cylinder

Val-de-Marne: An ATM attacked with a gas cylinder

In the night from Friday to Saturday around 3 a.m. in Valenton (Val-de-Marne), an ATM (cash machine) was attacked.

After the Ram Attacks, ATMs are now the target of Gas Bottle Attacks. This procedure was used at Valenton in Val-de-Marne last night.

According to our information, the facts happened at the CIC bank ATM, located at 30 rue du Colonel-Fabien, near the town hall.

The perpetrators of this mischief used two gas cylinders that investigators found at the crime scene. The explosion caused no injuries.

However, the suspects fled before the police arrived. The latter were quickly warned by local residents, who were awakened by the sound of the detonation.

The investigation was assigned to the Bandit Suppression Brigade (BRB).

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