“Unlimited expansion is over” What does the future hold for NCT? • Kpop News

“Unlimited expansion is over” What does the future hold for NCT? • Kpop News

What does the future hold for NCT, a group that once promoted the concept of “infinite expansion”?

Amid the dispute over SM Entertainment’s management rights, the current SM Entertainment management came up with a new plan for NCT.

On February 25, SM Co-CEO Lee Sung Soo said in a video uploaded to SM’s official YouTube channel, “NCT will continue its never-ending expansion with the launch of the NCT Tokyo (tentative name) entity in end in 2023.”

NCT (Neo Culture Technology), composed of 23 multinational members, focused on never-ending expansion by recruiting an unlimited number of members and promoting in different cities around the world.

Meanwhile, SM has introduced units through the NCT system over the past seven years, namely NCT ​​U, NCT DREAM, NCT 127 and WayV. It was a representative K-pop project led by former SM general producer Lee Soo Man.

lee seung soo

However, Lee Sung Soo, who was at the forefront of the management litigation, began to draw a line with Lee Soo Man.

As part of the preparation of the SM 3.0 strategy, CEO Lee announced the end of NCT’s unlimited expansion. NCT’s first Hollywood plan to get ahead in the United States was scrapped altogether.

In response, existing NCT fandom is showing its support.


In the infinite expansion position, the existing NCT has too many members and individual units are not distinguished. Removing this concept can therefore improve the relatively low level of unity in NCT’s fan base.

Additionally, fans were dissatisfied with the uneven level of member activity under the existing NCT system. But now it is expected that members will be given opportunities for more promotions.

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Source: Daum.