United States: More confidential documents found on Joe Biden, an investigating prosecutor

United States: More confidential documents found on Joe Biden, an investigating prosecutor

This Thursday, January 12, confidential documents were found in a home of Joe Biden. Archives had already been discovered on Monday in one of his former offices.

Joe Biden is very embarrassed. This Thursday, January 12, and for the second time this week, confidential documents were found at locations where he worked or lived when he was Vice President of the United States. An independent prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the case.

After discovering a dozen documents in a former office of Joe Biden in Washington on Monday, the head of state’s lawyers decided to extend their investigation to the president’s private apartments. They found a “small number” of records again in the garage of his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

One of the Presidency’s attorneys, Richard Sauber, specified that the Justice Department was immediately informed of this find so that the documents could be returned to him. In a brief exchange with the press, Joe Biden himself affirmed that he was “fully cooperating” with the American judiciary.

But the situation remains embarrassing for him as authorities spent months investigating his predecessor Donald Trump and his own handling of the president’s archives.

The opposition challenges Congress

The two cases are disproportionate given that last August, federal police seized thousands of documents, including hundreds of classified White House defense secrets, at the Mar-a-Lago private club in Florida, where Donald Trump has lived since his death.

However, knowing that a 1978 law required American presidents and vice presidents to submit all of their emails, letters, and other working documents to the National Archives, Kevin McCarthy felt the situation warranted the opening of a congressional investigation justified.

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The Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, who denounced “a new faux pas by the Biden administration,” insisted that if he didn’t, Joe Biden would be given preferential treatment over Donald Trump.

Attorney General Merrick Garland rightly appointed a special prosecutor this Thursday to investigate the confidential documents found in the President’s home and one of his former offices. According to him, in this case, Robert Hur has a free hand to “investigate any person or entity that may have broken the law.”