UNIQ comes together for the first time in five years to help a member’s marriage proposal

UNIQ comes together for the first time in five years to help a member’s marriage proposal

Fans of third-generation K-pop groups probably remember the Korean-Chinese group ONLY made her debut. Consisting of five members, UNIQ was originally a joint effort between YG entertainment etc Yuehua.


The group achieved widespread popularity despite only releasing one album, including recording OSTs for the Chinese releases of TMNT etc Penguins of Madagascar.


UNIQ has never officially dissolved, but each member has been pursuing individual projects since 2018 — Wang Yibo enjoyed great popularity after the release of The Untamed; Cho Seungyoun debuted as a solo artist WOODZ; Yixuan debuted in the band New Storm; Wen Han debuted in the group UNINE, and sungjoo pursues various acting projects.

(de gauche a droite) Yixuan, Wenhan, Sungjoo, Cho Seungyoun (WOODZ) and Wang Yibo.

Unexpectedly, the group recently reunited for a very special reason!

Yixuan is currently appearing on All About Marriage with his girlfriend, Chen Meng Yao. The show features three couples living together to have a pre-wedding conversation.

| Her

The show’s outcome is said to be the couple making the final decision on the next step in their relationship – a marriage proposal. For Yixuan’s proposal, he made a video full of messages from supporters for Mengyao to watch.

Fans were surprised to see four familiar faces in the video! Each of the UNIQ members took the time to record messages for the couple!

Hi Hyung ~ I’m Seungyoun. It’s been 10 years since we started as interns and I can’t believe you’re getting married. To be honest, I’m not worried about you. You are such a nice and kind person, so I believe you can have a happy married life. And I hope you can continue your happy and healthy marriage with my sister-in-law. Congratulations on your marriage. Let’s meet and eat together. Congratulations!! Bye!


I’m Xuan-ge, I’m Xuan’s sister-in-law. I wish you both a happy marriage, soon children and a happy family!

– Wenhan

Xuan-ge, was your marriage proposal successful? It should have been. Congratulations, I look forward to Xuan-ge’s wedding! Finally we have a sister-in-law. There is only one thing: you both have to be happy! Good luck, Xuan-ge!

— Sunjoo

I heard Xuan-ge said he wanted to apply. Xuan-ge really takes good care of people. I hope her marriage proposal is successful, and I wish Xuan-ge and YaoYao-jie luck.

– Wang Yibo

Unsurprisingly, the proposal was a success and Mengyao said yes!

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Now fans can look forward to an IRL reunion where all four members are groomsmen!