Under the Floor Lampung Karam

Under the Floor Lampung Karam

Under the volcano It is divided into six parts and is narrated in two languages, namely Malay and Minangkabau. This show is enhanced with elements of silat, dance, music, and amazing visual effects. The music and dances are based on traditional Malay forms that are incorporated to reflect the passage of time, side by side with modern instruments and dances.

The show is 80 minutes long and starts with the first story before the disaster. This first story describes the state of peace and harmony among the people. Until suddenly there was an earthquake that followed the eruption of the volcano and the tsunami. The terrified mountain dwellers ran to save themselves.

When the volcano subsides, new problems arise for the community in terms of clothing, food, and housing. This leads to weakness and poverty. Little by little, the community rebuilt their houses and villages with the help of many people. Eventually, life returned to normal and calm.

Being interesting and full of stories and human messages, this show is one of the shows that pleases the eyes. This show is expected to be an interesting weekend presentation for artists.

“The Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation has always been committed to developing people’s love for the richness and diversity of the country’s culture in every way. One of them is through our support for various sports or performances that are rich in Indonesian culture, such as drama Under the volcano. In addition to showing and presenting the culture of Minangkabau that contains beauty and impressive, the show. Under the volcano he also introduced artists to ancient poems of historical value. Hopefully this game can entertain and expand the vision of artists, especially young people,” said Renitasari Adrian. Program Director Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation.

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Author: Frida Anggi Pratasya

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