Uncomfortably, a young British carpenter has been jailed again after being released

Uncomfortably, a young British carpenter has been jailed again after being released


A man from Maidstone, Turkish It was revealed that a naked carpenter was arrested after he was caught wearing his trousers to the police station a few hours after he was released.

Robert Jenner is a famous naturalist and has been in trouble with the law in the past for his hobby of going nude.

Citing LADbible, the 49-year-old has now been convicted of breaking the code of conduct. The order required her to wear at least two layers of clothing to “prevent exposure of her private parts.”

The order was granted in 2019 at Canterbury Crown Court to try and stop Jenner’s behaviour.

However, to overcome this, Jenner turned up at Maidstone Police Station on January 12 wearing trousers.

During the trial, the court heard that the incident happened on the day he was released from prison for some crimes he had confessed to.

Defending Jenner, her lawyer Niall Doherty said Jenner still believes the clothes she wore to the police station covered her private parts.

“He left the jail, he went to the police station to ask about the cell phone wearing the clothes he wasn’t wearing when he left the jail,” said prosecutor William Snedden during the trial.

The veteran claimed that his human rights were violated and he was forced to wear clothes.

Jenner admitted that she didn’t wear pants during her job as a delivery driver.

The jury took a few minutes to reach a verdict before Jenner was sentenced to death by order and sentenced to one year in prison.

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This is the second time he has disobeyed an order. Judge Charles Macdonald QC said Jenner had shown contempt for the court and the law.

In his latest trial, Doherty said Jenner is a naturalist and often goes to the French coast, Marbella and the Isle of Sheppey to swim. Jenner is said to be unrepentant about his behavior, just sick of being in prison.

He also claimed that his client’s behavior was unrelated to sexual desire and had no malicious intent. Judge Macdonald said the order was made as a result of continued criminal activity.

Since Jenner has been in custody since the incident, she is expected to be released from custody soon. However, the command to wear at least two sets of clothing will still apply to him.


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