TWICE returns in high spirits for a long-awaited return – Kpopnews

TWICE returns in high spirits for a long-awaited return – Kpopnews

TWICE eventually released the MV for SET ME FREE and took the internet by storm with their upbeat music and energetic performances.

Watch the music video here!

TWICE returns with sophisticated music video for “SET ME FREE”.

Finally, on March 10th, TWICE released their SET ME FREE MV, which wowed many ONCEs and netizens.

(Photo: Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

In the music video, the girls perform with charming fashions and elegant aesthetics. The MV alternates between scenes set in space and on the street. SET ME FREE is taken from their 12th mini album READY TO BE.

The album also includes tracks consisting of their pre-release song “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE”, B-sides “GOT THE THRILLS”, “BLAME IT ON ME”, “WALLFLOWER”, “CRAZY STUPID LOVE” and the English version of “SET ME FREE.”

TWICE shares honest thoughts on the new album

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READY TO BE was so eagerly awaited that on March 8th it broke a personal record TWICE with over 1.7 million stock pre-orders.

As you’d expect from the third-generation “Nation’s Girl Group,” it wasn’t long before TWICE garnered praise from their loving fandom, ONCE. Fans flocked to the music video’s comments section, where they expressed their astonishment with “SET ME FREE.”

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Some credited TWICE’s longtime agency, JYP Entertainment, for providing the girls with a well-produced comeback and promotions.

The 9 members of TWICE reunited.  9th year of friendship

(Photo: Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

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Others commented on how the group still tries hard to work for ONCEs right after winning the Breakthrough Award in Billboard Women In Music 2023.

Read their comments below:

“JYPE has really ramped up the promotions for this comeback, and since the girls just won the Billboard 2023 Women in Music Breakthrough Award, we want to make sure this is going to be the best Twice era yet!”

“This album will break records without a doubt! Let’s make it happen once for our queens. Let’s spread this! They really worked so hard for this.”

“True fact: we can all agree that TWICE never lets us down! Her talent is pure and her voice is out of this world!

“Finally JYP learned how to split the choruses into 3 mixes, I’m so happy, it’s a wonderful comeback!”

Watch the full MV of SET ME FREE here:


TWICE’s incredible transformation from rookie group to legendary icons

Initially, TWICE became popular with their iconic concept of bubblegum, a staple that made them one of the third-generation K-pop exponents.

However, in 2019, TWICE underwent a concept upgrade. It started when they released their “Wendepunkt” track FANTASY on April 22nd, 2019. Releases followed that changed the color of their music and showed the maturity of their band.

With TWICE’s skyrocketing popularity, their music is reaching not only nationally but internationally as well. TWICE has gone from the nation’s bubbly group to a world-ruling killer on the music scene.

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