TWICE ‘Recycled’ Outfits For Awards Ceremony Versus Netizens’ BLACKPINK – Kpopnews

TWICE ‘Recycled’ Outfits For Awards Ceremony Versus Netizens’ BLACKPINK – Kpopnews

Outfits worn by girl group TWICE to the 2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards have been met with mixed reactions from netizens.

On March 2nd (KST), TWICE received the “Breakthrough Award” at Billboard Women In Music 2023. However, when the girl group appeared on stage, netizens showed mixed opinions as they saw that the TWICE members shared the same in their MV Wearing clothes and performing on their stage in Korea.

In particular, all the outfits worn by the TWICE members have already appeared in their Moonlight Sunrise MV. Clothing comes in various shades of black and brown and consists mainly of mini dresses, flared trousers and boots.


The same outfits can also be seen on the TWICE poster for Billboard. While there are some changes, they are all extremely minimal.

Here are some comments from internet users:

  • How can JYP attend an award ceremony TWICE in old clothes? BLACKPINK prepared 2 outfits just for the red carpet and the performance
  • It’s not a national music show, it’s a global awards show, I wonder what JYP was thinking
  • Aren’t they the same clothes as in the MV? TWICE is nice, but JYP is a terrible agency
  • I personally think it’s good as I want to see the MV outfits on stage
  • Was TWICE in a hurry? I don’t see any other reason why they can’t wear different clothes for the photo.

Watching TWICE, many netizens couldn’t help but recall BLACKPINK’s performance at the 2022 MTV EMAs Awards. Back then, girl group YG wore two different outfits for the red carpet and for their stage and received a lot of praise. As a result, some people feel sorry for TWICE and claim that JYP doesn’t take good care of their girl group while YG does.

black pink
BLACKPINK on the 2022 MTV EMA Awards red carpet
black pink
The girl group wore different outfits for their scene

Source: k14

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