TWICE Mina and BLACKPINK Lisa explain the idea behind the “No Makeup” concept in their new album “Ready to Be”

TWICE Mina and BLACKPINK Lisa explain the idea behind the “No Makeup” concept in their new album “Ready to Be”

We stan ’97 liner friendship!

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On March 14th, TWICE Mina and Sana performed on KBS Cool FM’s Haze’s Raise the Volume to promote their newly released mini-album, Ready to Be, which was released on March 10th.

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Right at the beginning of the show, Mina and Sana discussed the idea of ​​not wearing makeup and their new album.

Haze said: “I’ve seen this video so many times. This no makeup concept was absolutely gorgeous.”

“First, we came up with this concept when Jeongyeon told the company that she still had a no-makeup concept. So we thought it would be great if it was well planned.” Sana explained.

In addition to TWICE’s new album, the three K-pop stars also talked about their favorite fragrances.

Sana and Mina both admitted that they like a nice and pleasant scent.

“That’s why you told me you smelled nice when you walked in,” Haze remarked. Sana said, “Yeah, something smelled good when I walked in” and laughed.


Sana mentioned that she prefers sweet smelling perfumes when reading a fan request about her and Mina’s favorite perfumes.

Meanwhile, Mina revealed that a cherry scent is the one she opts for most often.

Haze asked Mina during the show, “Who’s the last famous friend you hung out with?”

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Mina immediately replied, “Lisa,” adding, “When we go out together, we go out to eat a lot of delicious things.” Haze continued, “And you guys talk and have a good time together.” Mina replied, “It’s true.”

During the chat, Mina updated fans about her friendship with Lisa, another member of BLACKPINK’s K-pop idol line in 1997.

Because of that, fans were thrilled to know that Lisa and Mina had maintained their friendship despite their respective busy schedules.

The four 1997 stunt doubles, including Lisa and Mina, (G)I-Minnie, Jihyo from DLE and TWICE, made headlines by posting photos from the photo booth at their legendary reunion last summer.


TWICE updates to ‘Ready To Be’

With the release of their 12th mini-album “READY TO BE”, the international girl group TWICE celebrates their long-awaited comeback.

The album quickly rose to the top of the iTunes charts worldwide after its worldwide release.

The album “READY TO BE” first appeared at number 2 on the World iTunes Albums Chart and at number 3 on the European iTunes Albums Chart.

TWICE, worldwide promotion ahead of new album release... Anticipation ↑

(Photo: TWICE Twitter)

The album also rose to the top of the iTunes Top Albums chart in 17 different countries including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Japan and others a.

Notably, the album’s title track, “SET ME FREE,” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in 21 countries, including Bahrain, El Salvador, Moldova, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Vietnam. .

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