TWICE members were praised for improving their singing skills during the “SET ME FREE” encore

TWICE members were praised for improving their singing skills during the “SET ME FREE” encore

After being repeatedly criticized in the past for not being able to sing live, TWICE received praise for honing their live singing skills, especially THESE members after their “SET ME FREE” encore.

On March 17th, TWICE proved their status as the ‘Nation’s Girl Group’ after winning first place on KBS’ music show ‘Music Bank’!

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The lineup on the day included various artists including CRAVITY, HAWW, Kai, OnlyOneOf, PIXY, TAN, TRENDZ, TWICE, Y (Golden Child), KARA Nicole, SHINee Onew, Ulala Session, Yuju, Lim Sarang and Cherry Bullet.

Among those who stood out with their scenes, TWICE showed the look of a “world leader” who kept transforming with their new song “SET ME FREE”. After feeling the love that reminded them of their true selves, the nonet displayed a cool, confident charm that they vowed to “risk everything to protect that feeling.”


As a result, TWICE topped the #1 song on “Music Bank” in the third week of March, beating STAYC’s “Teddy Bear” with “SET ME FREE”.

During her acceptance speech, TWICE Tzuyu said:

“We worked really hard on this album so we’re grateful to show your love. We are always grateful and promise to keep working hard.”

TWICE members were praised for improving their live singing skills during the encore

(Photo: (Xports News))
TWICE members were praised for improving their singing skills during the “SET ME FREE” encore

Chaeyoung added:

“We think it’s been a while since we’ve won first place on a music show, but we’re so grateful to ONCE (fan community name). We also thank the hard working staff next to us.”

Nayeon agreed, saying:

“Thank you to the staff who worked hard together on the album and thank you ONCE.”

TWICE Receives Approval for Improving Live Singing Skills After SET ME FREE Encore

Upon receiving the trophy, TWICE then had the courtesy of thanking the fans by performing their winning song in front of their fans.

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During their encore phase, TWICE decided to adopt a dance-relay concept, with the members taking turns dancing to a specific part of the song while lining up.


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In fact, the members were praised for their dancing skills, with ONCEs and Filleters noting that their moves were spot on while having fun with their fans.

Along with her dancing skills, K-pop fans and viewers alike have been amazed at the improvement in her singing. The team was unlike the past, when they were repeatedly criticized for “not being able to sing well live”. praised for her stable and loud voice.

In fact, the YouTube channel KBS Kpop even uploaded the encore scene TWICE without going back and certifying her singing skills.


Among the members, Jihyo, one of the third generation female idols with the best vocals, did not disappoint with her singing talent that doesn’t need auto-tuning.

Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Sana also mesmerized viewers with their more stable voices and applauded them for hitting notes, especially high notes, like eating their CDs for breakfast.

But among the members, Momo and Tzuyu were particularly well known for their enhanced voices. They used to be often blamed for missing grades, but people have pointed out that the two stars now seem more confident, pleasant and stable than before.

Fans and netizens who saw her encore scene left comments like:

  • “I love their encore scene.”
  • “This video will surely silence the haters.”
  • “Momo and Tzuyu! They’ve really improved.
  • “TWICE members aren’t bad singers, they just lack confidence. But their encore today is so much fun and they sound so stable despite enjoying the song with their fans.”
  • “This is one of their best encore scenes.”

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