TWICE is recognized for their groundbreaking music video teaser “No Makeup”.

TWICE is recognized for their groundbreaking music video teaser “No Makeup”.

Although K-Pop is an extremely visual industry, the idols have become more confident when it comes to showing off their looks sans makeup and styling. TWICE is no exception!

TWICE members | @JYPTWICE/Twitter

Over the years, TWICE has never been afraid to show ONCE his true self, sans makeup and all the glamor of K-pop.

Jihyo de TWICE

TWICE is Dahyun

After such a long time in the industry and showing fans from all angles, TWICE have really backed down and gone back to basics in their recent teaser for their track ‘SET ME FREE’.

The teaser shows different brands of makeup on a TWICE member’s vanity until the makeup remover comes out and the lashes fall off.

The members are then seen physically undressing, wiping and removing any makeup they are wearing and showcasing the members’ stunning nude images.

In the end, all the members look flawless in simple white outfits and no makeup.

When the teaser was released, international internet users praised the TWICE members for their “refreshing” concept. While K-pop is an image-based industry, especially for female idols, fans loved how empowering the teaser was.

While international netizens were obsessed with the message behind TWICE’s teaser, some Korean netizens had mixed opinions about the style. While some thought the “barefaced” visuals were for new idols, others shared the struggle of being a female idol who faces scrutiny at every decision.

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  • No, these blunt (without makeup) concepts are for idols who just debuted when concepts like… innocent, young girl, student, ㅠㅠㅠㅠ make themselves look invincible (like you’re the best).
  • “The comment at the bottom must have been written by a psychopath, LOL. You think that way because you’re not happy with the way you look… I’m not a fan of TWICE, but do you know they performed live on Billboard’s Women (Awards? Don’t give full name). It must be so exhausting being a female idol.
  • “I didn’t think the nude trailer was pretty. It just reminds me of their age and how many years they have been in the industry. I don’t know why they are pushing this concept. I really can’t understand.

It seems netizens have mixed opinions as the concept is unique and definitely far from what they are used to. However, it’s impossible not to commend TWICE for being honest with their concept and standing up to toxic Korean beauty standards.

Source: JYP Entertainment and Nate Pan