TWICE Hilariously Makes Sana Cling to ‘2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards’ – Kpopnews

TWICE Hilariously Makes Sana Cling to ‘2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards’ – Kpopnews

On the 1st of March TWICE visited the Billboard Women in Music Awards 2023, where they not only gave a breathtaking performance of “Moonlight Sunrise” but also accepted the “Breakthrough Award”.


American actress and singer Sabrina Charpentier announced TWICE’s “Breakthrough Award” and the members gracefully took the stage.

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Chaeyoung etc tzuyu gave a nice speech in English while the other members stood around for support.

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They also stunned the audience with their rendition of “Moonlight Sunrise”.

After that, TWICE interviewed the editor of Billboard Rania Aniftos and talked about how it feels to be”the first Korean nude to be honored at this ceremonyand what it was like for Sabrina Carpenter to present her award.

TWICE (left) and Rania Aniftos (right) | billboard

On the question “How do I stay strong in a group?While debating supporting women and being a girl group, Sana responded with a heartwarming response: “We’ve spent time together since we were interns, but when we started we spent a lot more time together. We’ve seen each other’s emotions up close and personal, so now we can understand each other better. And now we’re closer as a family and can’t be without each other.

Sana answers a question | billboard

Afterwards, Sana played a game of “hot potatoes” alone as she tried to pass the mic to other members, but everyone left her hanging.

Sana tries to pass the microphone | billboard

Here’s a quick look at that quick but delightful moment.

Fans responded to the hilarious moment with hilarious comments.

Source: Billboard/YouTube and @pinkot9/Twitter

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