TWICE Chaeyoung, BLACKPINK Jennie and • Kpopnews

TWICE Chaeyoung, BLACKPINK Jennie and • Kpopnews

Fashion can be tricky at times, especially in K-pop. While idols can surprise fans with their style, there are also times when choice of attire can generate backlash from audiences. At worst, controversy can arise due to the design, context, or nature of the outfit.

Here are 6 female K-pop idols slammed for controversial clothing.

1. TWICE Chaeyoung

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Chaeyoung's controversial shirt

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TWICE’s Chaeyoung has been embroiled in several controversies over his attire. She is one of the K-pop idols whose themes are still fresh on the ground.

On March 21, TWICE Chaeyoung apologized on his Instagram account for wearing a top that featured a photo of The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious wearing a T-shirt with a swastika design. Chaeyoung faced immediate backlash for this garment as the swastika symbol represented the German Nazi Party and the center of the Nazi flag.

On another occasion prior to this incident, Chaeyoung was spotted wearing a QAnon shirt during her SET ME FREE comeback period. The design of the jersey in 2017 included a political and conspiracy theory trait. This prompted fans to express their dismay at Chaeyoung’s stylist.

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2.Jennie from BLACKPINK

6 Female K-Pop Idols Who've Drawn Criticism for Controversial Attire: TWICE Chaeyoung, BLACKPINK Jennie, more

(Photo: News Nate)

In 2020, BLACKPINK’s Jennie came under fire during one of her scenes in the “Lovesick Girls” music video.

On stage, the MV showed her in a nurse’s outfit. On October 5, 2020, the Korean Union of Health and Healthcare Workers said that Jennie’s outfit provided distorted stereotypes about nurses in terms of sexual and objectifying contexts.

One important aspect that added fuel to the fire is that in 2020, nurses were on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Then YG considered removing the scene from the MV and eventually the agency completed the scene removal.

3. Oh my girl YooA

6 Female K-Pop Idols Who've Drawn Criticism for Controversial Attire: TWICE Chaeyoung, BLACKPINK Jennie, more

(Photo: Twitter: @8_OHMYGIRL)

Oh My Girl YooA paid attention to her teasers in her debut solo album Bon Voyage, released in August 2020. In their teasers, the idol was accused of cultural appropriation for Native American athletic attire.

However, YooA mentioned that she would aim for a look reminiscent of the Japanese anime film Princess Mononoke and the Korean Gumiho.

4. Purple Kiss Goeun

6 Female K-Pop Idols Who've Drawn Criticism for Controversial Attire: TWICE Chaeyoung, BLACKPINK Jennie, more

(Photo: TheQoo)

Purple Kiss’ Goeun was criticized for her solo concept photos in her 2022 Season Greetings for an ornate Nazi eagle patch on the outfit.

On November 23, 2021, the group’s label, RBW Entertainment, issued an apology for the mishap. Aside from their testimony, they also promised not to repeat the same mistake again and to examine their artists’ clothes more thoroughly.

5. MAMAMOO-Hwasa

How K-Pop's Dress Standard Is Changing:

(Photo: Hwasa (Twitter))

On July 7, 2019, MAMAMOO arrived at Incheon International Airport for the SBS Super Concert after her Hong Kong adventure. Upon arrival at the airport, Maknae Hwasa was spotted in a plain white T-shirt with no bra.

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Seeing this, many netizens supported Hwasa in being confident and not paying what anyone thinks. However, some netizens found Hwasa’s outfit uncomfortable, prompting them to criticize the “Maria” singer.

On November 14, 2019, Hwasa effortlessly stopped haters negatively reviewing her braless fashion. Despite the criticism, Hwasa remained a carefree queen!

6th day of the former girl Hyeri

6 Female K-Pop Idols Who've Drawn Criticism for Controversial Attire: TWICE Chaeyoung, BLACKPINK Jennie, more

(Photo: Institute)

On May 2, 2012, the former Girl’s Day Hyeri became a hot topic for wearing a shirt with the “Rising Sun” flag design. The shirt is said to have come from a Japanese fan who expressed his gratitude to Hyeri after her free performance in Sendai, Japan.

The design of the Imperial Japanese “Rising Sun” war flag is controversial as it evokes a painful history of war. Afterwards, Hyeri and her agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, apologized for the mistake.

Know of other female idols who have been criticized for wearing controversial outfits? Comment below!

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