TWICE announces new concerts for the 5th “READY TO BE” world tour

TWICE announces new concerts for the 5th “READY TO BE” world tour

TWICE has announced new plans for their fifth ongoing READ TO BE world tour.

Here are the details.

TWICE unveils new concerts for 5th READY TO BE world tour

ONCE are ready for more TWICE live performances!

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On April 23rd, TWICE released their new schedule for their fifth READY TO BE world tour. The nine-piece K-pop sensation has announced that they will resume their tour in Singapore starting September 2nd.

London on September 8th, Paris on September 11th, Berlin on September 14th, Bangkok on September 23rd and Bulacan on September 30th will follow.

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TWICE announces new concerts for the 5th world tour

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TWICE kicked off their tour on April 15th and 16th with a two-day concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. The singers of “I Can’t Stop Me” wowed ONCEs with their setlist, which included new songs, classic hits and captivating solo scenes.

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In May, TWICE will travel to Sydney on May 3rd and Melbourne on May 16th. They will next travel to Japan for their performances in Osaka on May 13th and 14th, followed by Tokyo on May 20th and 21st. Her world tour will bring more of her performances to international regions.

TWICE shares honest thoughts on the new album

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North America will also be added to the schedule as TWICE will also perform in Los Angeles on June 10th, Oakland on June 13th, Seattle on June 16th, Dallas on June 21st, Houston on June 24th and Chicago on June 28th .

TWICE extends contracts with JYP Entertainment, ONCE expresses joy

In other news, the nine-piece band also broke the “7-year curse.” On July 12, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced that all TWICE members have renewed their exclusive contracts with the company.

TWICE, worldwide promotion ahead of new album release... Anticipation ↑

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As for the reason for the extension, it was reported that JYP has faith in its members and looks forward to a bright future with the group. The contract extension is the result of their bond, which has grown through loyalty and trust.


“TWICE members have renewed their contract before it expires this fall.”

“With their pivotal role in establishing the status of JYP Entertainment, TWICE has become a representative girl group. This strong support can continue to advance with confidence in the future.”

ONCE also expressed his joy at the news:

“As expected from our Teu-doongie! 9 TWICE FOREVER!”

“I thought I was just a casual listener, but I guess I’m actually a fan, why am I crying?”

“Wow Daebak! Congratulations to TWICE and the fans.”

“Oh I could feel it from the moment they all opened their IG and posted pics of the whole band together. Congratulations!”

“It’s nice to see the whole team renewing themselves.”

“I love him too much. Honestly, JYP gave TWICE a lot of support and it shows in Nayeon’s solo. I thought it was obvious? TWICE forever.”

Are you looking forward to more concert stops from TWICE?

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