[TW] ITZY’s Yuna offers a heartwarming long answer to a fan who says he wants to die – K-GEN

[TW] ITZY’s Yuna offers a heartwarming long answer to a fan who says he wants to die – K-GEN

TW: Yuna responds in her message to a fan who says she wants to die, so the topic might be touchy for some.

Yuna touched the ITZY fans by responding to a visibly struggling fan.

Bubble app allows fans to communicate with idols and although it is mainly a system for idols to share their daily lives with their fans, fans can also respond to idols trying to relate as best they can to some of the reply left messages for you.

Yuna recently responded to a fan who apparently left her a message saying she wanted to die.

On May 20th, Yuna wrote a long, touching and comforting message to the application, which we could read:

“I can sense that you’re going through something serious, even though I can’t understand the details or the emotions you’re feeling…”

I wonder how much pain and hardship you must have gone through before you said those words and said you wanted to die… It must have been very tiring for you.

Even when you make money, you break down, and even when you pretend to be fine, the tears flow by themselves. You tire quickly, despite your best efforts, and want to stop time, knowing that you are in unimaginable pain have experienced … Is that it?

Know that I thank you for opening up to me. Hmmm… One thing is for sure, it’s not your fault so I hope you don’t blame yourself too much and blame yourself.

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I read a book a few days ago that said, “You did well, you did well, and eventually everything will be fine.” And I will always be by your side. So thank you for always being by my side, I love you. »

In the following post, she called for fan goodwill, writing: “Please encourage and support other MIDZYs you encounter and may meet. »

If you ever need help, remember to seek help and support. There are many numbers you can call if you need help, but you can also contact relatives or someone you trust. Remember that life is precious, your existence matters and most importantly, you are not alone.

Source : hiphaphaeng (twitter)