turns everyone into “real” fans

turns everyone into “real” fans

BIG BANGit is Taeyang He’s going viral for his humble character.

Recently the BIGBANG member appeared in a YouTube video for the YouTube channel. 1k, where he revealed a story about his collaborator “Vibe”, btsit is jimin.

In the video, Taeyang shared something Jimin said to him that touched him. According to Taeyang, Jimin told him that the only chords he could play were Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” chords.

Jimin once said to me, ‘Hyungnim, there’s only one chord I can play on the piano and that’s your song Wedding Dress.’

– Taeyang

Taeyang then revealed the reason Jimin’s words were so touching.

The reason it’s so touching is because I think only true fans will remember the song. I was so touched.

– Taeyang

Though the anecdote touched on fans who were delighted that two titans of the K-pop industry were getting along so well, many were puzzled as to why Taeyang thought only “real” fans would remember “Wedding Dress.”

  • “Isn’t that the famous AF song?” lol I suddenly became a “real” fan.
  • “Did I just become a ‘real’ fan?”
  • “??? Who doesn’t know this song?
  • “Eh? Even I know this song. Everyone would know when they heard it.
  • “But I’m not a ‘real’ fan…”
  • “No, that’s not the case. Anyone from that era would probably know this song LOL.”
  • “I suddenly became Taeyang’s ‘true fan’.”

After all, “Wedding Dress” was one of the biggest K-pop songs of the time. The song currently has over 72 million views on YouTube.

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Taeyang recently came back from his hiatus by releasing his long-awaited single featuring BTS’ Jimin. Check out the duo’s “vibe” at the link below!

character set: theqoo and 1theK/YouTube