Trending Slang Terms, What are Apple Cheeks?

Trending Slang Terms, What are Apple Cheeks?

Duration’apple cheek‘ is usually associated with a charming smile. This word means smile, which is generally on womenbecause of her visible cheeks chubby like an apple.

So, how do you get that beautiful smile?

The initiative The Oxford Dictionary of Learning, apple cheek it means round and healthy pink cheeks. It looks like a cheeky baby smile.

Apple cheek or apple on the cheek Also, it is the part of the cheek that often protrudes from the face and can be clearly seen when smiling or laughing.

Over the years, this area has a special interest in cosmetics. Without reason, because apple on the cheek It is also very effective in showing one’s emotions.

Besides your eyes, the top of your cheekbones can tell a lot about your mood. Happy people carry a little smile on their faces.

The muscles in the face naturally cause these cheeks to stand out when you smile. Basically, the bigger the smile, the more prominent the cheeks.

How to get Apple Checks

The initiative Well Answered, apple cheek can be easily found. Start by deboning the cheek or exposing the face of the fish.

Use your finger to find the cheek on the bottom, which is above the sunken area. Now smile with a big smile.

This will cause the muscles and skin above the cheekbones to come together and protrude from the bone below. These round, fleshy pockets are the area known as the apple’s cheeks.

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In addition, different makeup techniques can be used to highlight apple cheeks. For example, by applying blush combined with natural skin tones to get a little color that shines when you smile.


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