Trains have 6 classes, This varies from economy class to sleeper

Trains have 6 classes, This varies from economy class to sleeper

The train (KA) is one of the least congested modes of transportation. Hiker those who choose to take the train usually want to enjoy the scenery while traveling.

While sitting comfortably on top car fire, you can look through the window where there are many types of landscapes, from rice fields, mountains, rivers, beaches, to villages and residential areas.

So it’s no surprise, not a few have made the plane their favorite mode of transportation, including on vacation. Also, the train ticket price is affordable.

The plane itself has different classes with different facilities, depending on the ticket price we pay. The more expensive the ticket price, the higher the class and the facilities available when taking the train.

Here are the types of classes on board.

Economy class

Serayu train passengers heading to Purwokerto via Bandung at Pasar Senen station, Jakarta, Wednesday, July 29 2020. Pasar Senen Airport offers three long-distance train departures from Monday to Thursday, and provides departure four-distance train from Friday to Sunday.  .  Train passengers are also required to carry a flu-free certificate or rapid test letter and swab test results before boarding the train, in addition, passengers are also required to wear a mask or face shield at all times walk.  CNN Indonesia/Bisma SeptalismaEconomy class on the plane. (Photo: CNN Indonesia/Bisma Septalisma)

Economy class is the most economical of all the classes on the plane. Of course, the ticket price is the cheapest.

The train Economy class has 80-106 seats in one train car, and is the class with the most seats. The difference in train class can also be seen from the seating arrangement.

Economy class seating availability is opposite with a 2-3 or 3-3 seating arrangement, depending on the flight. However, the economy class is equipped with air conditioning or air conditioning. In addition there is also an electric plug and a small table near the window.

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Commercial Business

Many passengers wearing face masks in a mysterious train of Gambir-Surabaya Pasar Turi south at Gambir Station, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/5/2020).  PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) is operating extraordinary long-distance trains (KLB) to serve passengers who have been quarantined according to government regulations and implementing strict COVID-19 prevention measures until May 31, 2020. BETWEEN PHOTOS/M Risyal Hidayat/foc.Business class train. (Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/M Risyal Hidayat)

Business class offers more comfort than economy class, because the number of passengers is only 64 seats in one carriage, if it is full. Business class tickets are also more expensive than economy class

A 2-2 seating arrangement is used in business class for more comfortable seating. The seats at the back in business class are also not straight, although it cannot be adjusted as desired, but at least you can enjoy the ride.

The position of the seat can also be changed according to the wishes of the passenger -if you want to work with the seat in front or behind him-. Like economy class, business class also has AC and plug.

3 Class Luxury on a Train