ToPDoG come with “One Dream” – Stylediacreativo

ToPDoG come with “One Dream” – Stylediacreativo

The Japanese group top dog will release his first single “A dream‘ on May 23. It will be available in three versions: CD Type A, CD Type B and CD Type C. The surprise announcement of this first single came during the live broadcast on February 22nd. The theme song “A dream“is an EDM title that expresses: “how important it is to pursue your dreams even when people are laughing at you“.

The group was founded in 2021 and consists of five members: Yuto Taguchi, Izumi Ryuusei, Chiba Hayato, Mori Kento etc Yamasaki Riki.

CD content:
1. A dream
2. Imaki Mini
3. Summer please
4. White bell
Note: no visuals are available.

Here’s the music video for “One Dream”:

Source : official, fandom

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