Top 8 K-Pop Songs for February 2023: ‘Fighting’, ‘Teddy Bear’, ‘Plus!

Top 8 K-Pop Songs for February 2023: ‘Fighting’, ‘Teddy Bear’, ‘Plus!

With February over, now is the time to reflect on the best songs released by our favorites! The year 2023 has a lot to discover, especially since March is just getting started.

Here are the 8 best K-pop songs released in February 2023!

1. “Fighting” by SEVENTEEN BSS (feat. Lee Youngji)


DIX-SEPT BSS “Fight” is one of the best releases of February! The original and inspirational song was uploaded on February 6th and received high praise from CARATs.

He has also been recognized by music charts such as Hanteo and Billboard. Also, the song featured Lee Youngji serving up powerful rap verses!

2. “Teddy Bear” by STAYC


STAYC’s Teddy Bear was released on February 14th. Fans love this song for its upbeat and catchy melody which weaves it into the popular February songs.

This has also resulted in STAYC winning numerous music shows. That alone speaks for the popularity of the song! As of March 3rd, the MV for “Teddy Bear” is currently amassing 39,767,811 views on YouTube.

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3. “Killers” by SHINee Key


Key to SHINee “Killer” showcases the artist’s creativity and musicality. Delight the Shawols with a retro track and add another bop to their playlist.

“Killer” is the title track from Key’s second album of the same name. In addition, the music video for the song was also praised for its choreography, production, and Key’s airing.

4. “Hidden Sides” by Hwang Minhyun


Hwang Minhyun’s “Hidden Sides” immediately grabs your attention with its sophisticated music. The MV was also commended for Minhyun’s performance, which highlighted her industry experience and dedication to fans. Whether in a group or solo, Minhyun never disappoints with his music and performances!



“ROUGIR” lives up to its title and delivers strong and confident music to the fans. With its chorus-like chorus, many fans would agree that “ROAR” is a bop worth listening to! The ROAR MV was released on February 20th and currently has 30,367,787 views as of March 3rd.

6. LILA KISS “sweet juice”


KISS PURPLE “Sugar Juice” The title might sound like a song capable of oozing cute vibes, but that’s far from the truth. “Sweet Juice” takes listeners on a ride around the song’s sultry theme, haunting instrumental strings and percussion.

7. “Here” the Jay Park


While Jay Park is best known for his hip-hop releases, “Yesterday” offers listeners a more relaxed and easy-going experience. La successfully incorporates Jay Park’s vocal timbre, which suits the ballad perfectly. The MV for Yesterday was released on February 14th.

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Tribus “WE ARE YOUNG” Joins February Bop List Too! The girl group delivers a refreshing take and extends their carefree atmosphere to the listeners. With the performance of the girls, “WE ARE YOUNG” is guaranteed to make you dance!

Which songs from the list are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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