Top 5 Memorable Facts About Beloved ASTRO Member Kpop News

Top 5 Memorable Facts About Beloved ASTRO Member Kpop News

The K-pop industry has lost a brilliant and talented star. Joining AROHA and Kpop fans around the world, the Kpop entertainment industry mourns ASTRO Moonbin’s ill-fated faith. The young idol left us good memories. He will be remembered as a talented entertainer with impressive dancing skills who won the hearts of fans around the world.

Many fans remember him with a heavy heart and are shocked by the news. Though he’s gone, there are moments to look back on and need to remember.

The five most memorable facts about Moobin

1. Moonbin’s true love for AROHA & ASTRO

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What’s special about Moonbin’s presence is that he doesn’t waste time showing his love for AROHA. Since her debut with ASTRO in 2016, Moonbin has always shown her love for fans in every way possible, be it in group content, live broadcasts, fan gatherings and more.

However, Moonbin is also affectionate towards his bandmates, whom he has treated like his real brothers over the years. In August 2015, ASTRO’s final lineup was completed, resulting in an unbreakable bond.

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The group faced many obstacles together, and with mutual support and the unconditional support of AROHAs, ASTRO became one of the most successful groups in K-pop. Everyone will always remember Moonbin’s heartwarming personality.

2. Enchanting voices


Moonbin’s stunning voice will always hold a special place in everyone’s heart. On ASTRO’s releases, the idol’s vocal prowess is constantly showcased, making the AROHAs in their hearts marvel. In every line the idol sings, fans are mesmerized by her wide vocal range and singing techniques. Moonbin’s golden voice will never be forgotten.

3. Incredible dancing skills


Aside from ASTRO’s dreamy and unique music, their performances will always be iconic due to their choreography. ASTRO’s live stages have always been fueled with unprecedented energy and timing, which is what fans love them for.

Moonbin still matches his energy to that of the members, resulting in a stunning stage. The late idol also produced covers of popular songs like “Hype Boy,” “CHEERS,” and “ASAP.” Additionally, Moonbin’s dance cover of ITZY’s “WANNABE” went viral. In addition to his easy-going nature, Moonbin is also valued for his talents.

4. Moonbin’s supreme love for food


K-pop has its own iconic list of foodies. Moonbin is definitely a foodie because he likes and prepares his meals. Moonbin has also been featured in multiple video content enjoying his meal. It just makes AROHA happy because of her ability to appreciate things.

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Moonbin also appeared in the 46th episode of “DNA Companion” with her younger sister Moon Sua de Billlie. Viewers were warmed by her sibling interaction and Moonbin’s laid-back demeanor during their lunch.


5. Moonbin’s smile, laughter and ‘Puppycat’ vibe

ASTRO Moonbin

(Photo: Instagram: @moon_ko_ng)

Remembering Moonbin: Top 5 Memorable Facts About The Beloved ASTRO Member

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Finally, AROHA’s Moonbins big smile and infectious laugh will never be forgotten. He even managed to be the “Puppycat” member of the group due to his precise expressions resembling different animals. Moonbin is also known for his adorable eye smile.

We send our deepest condolences to everyone who supports and loves Moonbin. Rest in peace.

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