Top 5 Korean Actresses Who Married The Richest Of The Rich

Top 5 Korean Actresses Who Married The Richest Of The Rich

Let’s take a look at some of South Korea’s top female stars who have married into the country’s wealthiest families.

5. Lee Si Young

First we have the actress. read so young start this list. The actress got married for seeung hyuna restaurant entrepreneur in 2017. It was reported that her husband started his restaurant business when he was 20 and has had incredible success in franchising throughout his career.

As CEO of his company, he was reported to have an approximate net worth of KRW 2.5 billion (about US$1.92 million). That number doesn’t include his real estate, which is said to be worth an additional KRW 4.75 billion (about US$3.65 million).

4. Han Chae Young

Then we have the actress. han chae young. She shocked the Korean entertainment industry when she announced her marriage to a non-celebrity in 2007. After further research, netizens discovered that the actress was going to marry into a very wealthy financial family.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how much they’re worth, her husband’s family is so well-known that they’ve been dubbed “the royal family of finance.” In addition, it was reported that Han Chae Young’s husband dropped KRW 7.00 billion (about US$5.38 million) for his proposal, which included a luxurious diamond ring, an expensive sports car and a luxurious honeymoon mansion.

June 3 Ji Hyun

actress juin ji-hyun is also on this list, ranking #3. While the actress has an incredible net worth thanks to her long acting career and successful real estate ventures alone, her husband’s fortune has been called legendary. .

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He was previously a director of a famous American bank, but eventually took over his father’s wealth management business, of which his father was a former vice president. Jun Ji Hyun’s husband became CEO and later owned more than 70% of the company’s stock, which is valued at about KRW 586 billion (about US$450 million).

2. Lee Hye Young

Second, we have the actress and the singer. Lee Hye young. Lee Hye Young also has an incredible wealth stemming from her long career in the entertainment industry as an actress, singer, stylist and fashion brand owner. However, his fortune grew exponentially when he got married. boo jae hoon.

Her husband is a partner and one of the co-founders of the private equity company. MBK partner. And while his exact net worth hasn’t been disclosed, his company has assets under management of approximately KRW 33.3 trillion (about US$25.6 billion) as of 2021. He was also reported to have sold a popular theme park in Japan in 2017 and taken a commission of about KRW 1.00 billion (about US$769 million).

1.Park Ji Yoon

Last but not least is the singer, actress and model. park ji jon. The entertainer shocked the nation with his marriage for sooyong in 2019.

Her husband had previously worked at as Vice President of Design cocoa talc, but was not quickly promoted to CEO until a few years later. According to media reports, Park Ji Yoon’s husband’s salary for just one year was around 750 billion KRW (about 576 million US dollars). And that number is excluding the reported bonus of KRW 2.72 billion (about US$2.09 million).

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