Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Boy Bands for March 2023 Kpop News

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Boy Bands for March 2023 Kpop News

For the March 2023 Brand Reputation Ranking, the Korean Business Research Institute unveiled the K-pop boy groups that joined the list, which covered February 11 to March 11.

The analyzed data will be measured based on the exposure of each group both online and offline. Alongside these charts, fan involvement is widely considered a factor in a band’s popularity.

This included the number of these groups active on social media, communities and their interaction with fans.

Here are the 10 most popular boy bands for March 2023!

1. BTS

(Photo: Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC)

BTS topped the brand reputation rankings for K-pop boy groups, earning it the 58th straight month. The K-pop sensation earned a total of 5,907,810 for March 2023. With members also focusing on their individual pursuits, it’s understandable to see BTS at the top of the charts.

In their March efforts, two of them were quickly recognized, namely J-Hope with his “Street” release and Jimin, who will be releasing his first-ever solo album on March 24th. In addition, data from BTS also showed a score of 80.78% in their Positive Result Spectrum.

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2. NKT

Univers NCT

(Photo: Twitter: @NCTsmtown)

NCT followed BTS in second place, receiving a massive Brand Reputation Index of 3,983,538 for the month of March. It also gave them a 4.08% increase, beating their February score.


The 10 most popular K-pop boy bands for March 2023

(Photo: TheQoo)

SEVENTEEN ranked third with a Brand Reputation Index of 3,699,006, proving its strong following and popularity in March.

4. Exo


(Photo: EXO (Kpop Wiki))

With a Brand Reputation Index of 3,223,157, EXO retained fourth place thanks to a 4.79% increase. It also surpassed her previous February score of 3,075,852.


THE BOYZ has successfully completed its fan meeting in Japan

(Photo: Boyz’s Twitter)

THE BOYZ achieved a Brand Reputation Index of 2,995,419, which gave it a dramatic boost to fifth place on the list. That index was up 39.21%, a far cry from its February index of 2,151,709.


TXT, Young people drunk with daydreams... Concept clip for the new album

(Photo: TXT Twitter)

TXT maintained its position at No. 6 with an index of 2,352,241. With their album The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION making headlines with its record-breaking success, it’s impossible not to have TXT in the March charts.



(Photo: Facebook: SHINee)

SHINee received a Brand Reputation Index of 2,025,862 in March. On February 13, Key released his repackaged fourth album, Killer, with the title track of the same name. Meanwhile, Onew has released the album “Circle” with the title track “O (Circle)”. As two of the band members have released their own music, their popularity for the March charts is considered valid.



(Photo: Twitter || @fantagiomusic_)

ASTRO received a Brand Reputation Index of 1,763,812 and was ranked eighth. Their current March index improved from their previous February score which was 1,629,961.

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9. Stray kids

stray kids

(Photo: Facebook: Stray Kids)

Stray Kids collected a total of 1,761,285 Brand Reputation Indexes for the month of March.



(Photo: Twitter || @YG_GlobalVIP)

Finally, legendary group BIGBANG achieved a Brand Reputation Index of 1,645,226, completing the top 10 list for the March ranking.

Which of these K-pop boy bands are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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