Top 10 most confusing Kpop songs on first listen according to fans

Top 10 most confusing Kpop songs on first listen according to fans

Kpop is full of amazing songs that even non-fans of the genre can enjoy. We no longer count the number of people who become fans immediately after listening to certain tracks.

However, there are also titles that may seem strange on first hearing.

10 Most Confusing Kpop Songs On First Listen According To Fans K-Selection

In a popular online community, fans were discussing these kpop songs which confused them at first hearing.

Here are the 10 songs selected (in no particular order).

  1. Decal by NCT127

Fans revealed that the first listen might be a bit tricky as the opening melodies and chorus are unrelated.

  1. Stamp On It by GOT the Beat

Fans initially found the beat very strange, but said they got used to it after listening to it.

  1. I have a boy-de-girl generation

We can say that it is a song that mixes genres! Plus, it was really off the beaten track for the band.

  1. those of NMIXX

Some fans reveal that they still don’t understand the song, but that’s also why it went viral.

  1. Ring X Ring by Billlie

Fans described the song as “wild” and unpredictable. It worked for some and the mayonnaise didn’t for others.

  1. Zimzalabim by Red Velvet

The beginning was fine for the fans, but from the chorus onwards they say they lost track of the song a bit.

  1. Forever by TXT

Fans felt there were too many abrupt musical changes in the song. Some said the members must have been surprised by the title itself.

  1. 2 villains from NCT127

NCT127’s titles kept popping up in the comments. This song is quite powerful and the first listen may surprise you.

  1. Zero from NewJeans
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All fans agreed that the part that reads “Coca Cola Mashida” is more than surprising.

  1. Love Cherry Motion by LOONA (Choerry)

Dreamy at first, the track then becomes very energetic in a brutal way. Some have called this title “bipolar”.

What do you think is the weirdest kpop song?