Too hot to be true? Korean TikToker goes viral for looking “essentially non-human.”

Too hot to be true? Korean TikToker goes viral for looking “essentially non-human.”

Chances are we’ve seen them all changha anywhere while browsing our favorite social media platforms.

changha | @chang._.a/Instagram

thanks to yours “inhuman” Visuals, however, Shanghai has often been confused with the virtual (like Yeo Lizzie) or “heavily filtered”.

However, it’s as real as it gets!

Born Jeon Chang Ha in 1996, Changha is a Korean citizen from Daegu. I was an engineering student. Then he started as a content creator, but as of 2023 he is also signed as an actor-singer SOON entertainment.

With 3.5 million followers Instagram— and a whopping 22.9 million in TIC TacShanghai is not too unknown: some of his clips have been viewed over 90 million times, making him one of the most successful influencers on the internet.

But in Korea, Shanghai has remained something of a veiled figure. Despite its massive presence on these popular platforms, Shanghai’s fanbase is more international than Korean. It was with the help of his last appearance on the web drama BL, first love againthat Shanghai has gained more recognition from its people.

Changha in First Love Again.

With mentions of his resemblance to other celebrities like the Korean actor. the moon sang min Oui ENHYPENit is hesungShanghai was 100% on the radar in Korea too!

Actors Moon Sang Min (left) and Heeseung from ENHYPEN (right) | CINE21 and @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Now more viral than ever, Koreans and non-Koreans alike are falling for this too-good-to-be-true influencer.

| elqoo

  • “Wow. It’s so perfect it doesn’t look human.”
  • “He’s beautiful.”
  • “He definitely has that AI vibe. It’s fascinating haha. It doesn’t look human at all, it’s made up of the best qualities.”
  • “I really thought I was using filters.”
  • “He’s beautiful.”
  • “I could have sworn it was a Chinese influencer.”
  • “SAY AH! I’ve known him from the beginning.
  • “There’s some very leaked Chinese TikToker stuff on it TBH.”
  • “What an amateur.”
  • “He’s beautiful!”
  • “I thought he was also a Chinese influencer with a lot of filters.”
  • “Why don’t I know Shanghai yet?!”
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Interested? Watch one of his most viewed clips here.



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