Tomorrow’s Ours: What Happens With The Series Resuming?

Tomorrow’s Ours: What Happens With The Series Resuming?

After a month-long World Cup break, Tomorrow is ours returns on December 19 with a stunning storyline and a real clue.

After a breathtaking cliffhanger just before the break tomorrow is ours will return on December 19th and the expected intrigue promises to be enormous.

What will happen ?

What really happened at the castle during the charity evening? Why did the guests all pass out one by one? What happened to Wilhelm after his impressive fall? The local police very quickly take matters into their own hands. Wilhelm was taken to the hospital dusk etc manon. The two are very worried when the doctor had just announced that he would be there dusk his intention to divorce shortly before his fall… As investigators begin to question those still present in the castle, Lisa comes with terrible news: A lifeless body has just been found in the music room! Everyone is shocked by this news! A very close investigation begins and tension quickly mounts between the guests, who want to leave the castle and go home… And it’s round Alex Let suspicion sink in… he wasn’t there chloe When he lost consciousness, his alibi didn’t hold up. And very quickly, investigators find out that he was stalking the mysterious person who surprised the boy Emma tries to kiss her. But this investigation holds many surprises… until its resolution, which promises new twists!

And then ?

Expected for the month of January, it’s the plane crash on the beach that should catch viewers’ attention. The least we can say is that the authors are having fun and making us happy!

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