Tokopedia Celebrates National Sports Day 2022

Tokopedia Celebrates National Sports Day 2022

National Sports Day is celebrated every September 9th. As one of the leading online shopping platforms in Indonesia, Tokopedia has taken the initiative to mobilize local MSMEs in the sports sector with the Sportacular initiative.

At Tokopedia, we have something called Sportacular. It is especially for sellers in the sports category. Of course, at this Sportacular, we also have real sellers who use this opportunity to increase their sales, one of them is HappyFit,“said Tokopedia’s Senior Director of External Communications, Rizky Juanita Azuz.

The press conference was followed by a one-pound seminar with Systya Windasari. One yoga mat from HappyFit is given to each participant to support activities and prevent injuries.

Pound right at a glance

Tokopedia Celebrates National Sports Day 2022 with Sportsport. Tokopedia

Pound Fit is a new type of sport that makes movements like kicking a drum and equipment called rust weight 0.25 grams. This strength training is meant to train the strength of the muscles of the body. You can say, the old form is a fun game because it is accompanied by music.

We need a mat as a medium barrel. So, later on we’ll do some moves that focus on the upper body, lower body, and abs, yes, abs too. All exercise. Of course she will follow the music and then there will be drama. We’ll move hard to the music,said Sissy.

According to him, the form is suitable for all ages. What beginners need to take care of is the strength not to hurt themselves. Some of the things that should be done before playing this game include warming up, wearing comfortable clothes, taking care of the thickness of the mattress, making sure the body is in good condition. For more interest, Systya recommends making a suitable form with friends.

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If you can do it with friends. Usually, if you are with a friend, you can shout together. If you scream more, you burn more calories,” he added.

Start first

Tokopedia Celebrates National Sports Day 2022 with Mulia Irawati

In line with Tokopedia’s motto, Systya invites the public to get started first work out. Currently, there are many options of sports that can be customized to the needs and capabilities of each person. So, there is no reason to be lazy to exercise.

Just start from now. It is very important to be balanced and comfortable. Because playing makes us happy. Choose the games you like, the program is many. So, you can say that nothing will stop you from exercising.“the message.

Tokopedia Celebrates National Sports Day 2022 with Sportsport. Tokopedia

For sportswear sellers, an invitation to start first it happens, you know! During the first semester of 2022, various types of sports equipment have experienced a sales increase. Programs other than Sportcular, i.e. Proud Made in Indonesia and Hyperlocal that use technology geo-tagging and do para seller in different parts of the region they are more confident.

Some of the areas with the highest increase in the number of transactions are Palembang, West Bandung, Malang, Manado and Pekanbaru, with an average increase of more than 2x. Currently, the areas with the highest increase in the number of sellers include Manado, Semarang, Gianyar, Malang, and Balikpapan, with an increase of about 3.5 times.said Rizky.

Attraction very much, na, Bala? Are you ready to get your body moving for a workout today?

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