“To the people I love” Moonbin’s latest tweet is attracting attention

“To the people I love” Moonbin’s latest tweet is attracting attention

Moonbin, who suddenly left us at the age of 25, posted a final tweet to welcome the beautiful spring!

On April 11th, Moonbin wrote her latest tweet which caught the attention of netizens. The tweet addressed to fans reads:

“ROHA, these are dandelion seeds 😃 !!! Dandelion Seeds ~ Fly with the Wind and Scatter! »

He continued: “For the people I cherish, spring is here and gently tickles me”

A user wrote: “It feels like the last words he wanted to pass on to his fans, I’m so sorry… He told the story of the dandelion seeds, it’s so sad.”

Others commented:

I still remember Moonbin crying at the December 2018 concert when I was in high school. He was such a nice and cool artist […]. I support AROHAs, it breaks my heart to imagine him suffering alone. He’ll be dancing in a better place now.

I hope this doesn’t happen again, I hope the world is getting warmer. I hope it gets warmer. I hope fans and people can put their hearts at ease. I know better than anyone that that’s no consolation. I know you’re a good influence, so I just hope that one day you smile.

When you’re going through hard times, tell the fans you’re going through hard times!

INot long ago I watched your video, not knowing at the time.

It’s as if you’ve already told us

Nobody around him seemed to know.

What should I do when spring comes and you’re not there ㅠㅠ

MoonBin, my darling. A hole opened up in my heart. But I think you don’t want us to suffer because you’re a good person. I think it takes too long to accept the facts.

I will love ASTRO all my life.

Our MOON, you worked hard

He cried so much during the concert, he cried so much that I saw him collapse, but I think ASTRO’s success was more important to him than his well-being.

Our moonbin… are you alright? I hope you feel better.. My heart hurts so bad… I wish I could bring you the happiness you gave me. I’m sorry. Thank you I love you. Really..

On the other hand, Before joining ASTRO, Moonbin joined Fantagio’s training program and debuted with the six-piece kpop group in February 2016.

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On April 19th, Moonbin left our world unexpectedly.