To prevent monkeypox, Chinese residents are asked not to touch their mouths

To prevent monkeypox, Chinese residents are asked not to touch their mouths

Case monkey bone now discovered in China. As a result of these findings, the chief disease control officer of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, Wu Zunyou, urged the public not to have skin-to-skin contact with the mouth.

This was announced by Zunyou platform Weibo. Zunyou said that the control and prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 disease in the country has made it difficult for the monkey disease to spread.

But, in the end, China’s defense collapsed. An outbreak of monkeypox has been reported in Chongqing.

Therefore, Zunyou believes that it is important to strengthen the surveillance and prevention of smallpox.

There are five suggestions given by Zunyou. One of them is the ban on smoking to prevent the spread of monkeypox.

“Don’t interact with strangers,” Zunyou wrote CNN.

In his uploading, Zunyou asked people not to have contact with strangers or people from foreign countries. The public is also requested to take care of hygiene, and use disposable toilet paper or destroy the toilet seats with brushes before use.

Raise a controversy

Zunyou’s proposal develops both pros and cons. Some appreciated and even admitted that they were relieved because they didn’t know many strangers.

However, some have criticized the upload and called it a discriminatory and dangerous statement. They even compared it to the wave of xenophobia and violence faced by Asians overseas at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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One Weibo user wrote: “It’s like when the epidemic started, when some foreigners ran away from the Chinese they saw out of fear.”

However, some experts in China believe that smallpox will not cause chaos like Covid-19. However, the public is requested to be very careful.

Monkeypox itself is a highly contagious disease. The disease is spread through close contact, including physical contact with the wounds or sores of sick people.


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