Tips and Guides for Starting a Conversation in the Year of the Water Rabbit

Tips and Guides for Starting a Conversation in the Year of the Water Rabbit

an exciting and adventurous journey. Share your experience with your contacts by updating Status and pinging your location if they want to see your location on a map.

When you travel, remember to take care of the health of your family members, especially elderly family members. Stay connected through voice and video calls so you don’t miss important moments and can stay close even when you’re far away.


This year is a good year for the Horse to develop relationships, especially with people you meet for the first time. Romance is high on the charts but those in existing relationships should try to avoid misunderstandings with their partner. You can block unwanted contacts if they are trying too hard to get your attention.

Horses will be very popular this year, but if you feel worried, remember that you can leave the group chat calmly and change your settings to prevent others from adding you to the group without your permission.


May God bless the goats this year and the opportunity to increase their wealth through the support of the wealthy. The star of luck and fortune is shining on your side! However, some stars indicate that there is a possibility of injury, so be careful and share a seat with your loved ones if you feel in danger and need help.

Single Goats are also lucky to find love this year, but avoid negative situations when expressing your feelings. The Goat in a relationship may face a conflict with your partner this year, try using a different format in composing messages to help you express yourself correctly.

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Happiness! Monkeys this year you will be rich and prosperous through the support of family and colleagues for a successful year. Maintain good relations with your family, friends and parents by participating in the groups you join (work easily through Reactions) to get unexpected benefits.

Monkey will also have a year of healthy peace but too much social activity can make you lazy. Prioritize your time wisely and remember you always have the option to turn off select group chats if you need a break.