Tim&U debut their first single – Stylediacreativo

Tim&U debut their first single – Stylediacreativo

The Japanese group Tim&U debuts on January 24 with the release of his first single “II Ko Warui Ko Daisensou!“. The pop title track is offered in three different opus: CD Type A, CD Type B and CD Type C (the content of the fourth track differs depending on the version).

The group was founded in 2021 and currently consists of 6 members: Azuma Yuta, Sano Asahi, Matsuura Takuma, Ibuki Haruto, Sato Daito etc Takahashi Minato. Initially, Kimura Tsurugi was a member of the group but left in spring 2022.

CD content:
1. Great War of Good and Evil!
2. Maybe you like it?
3. U&ME
4b. Before the Language of Flowers Is Revealed (Recording planned/Song order undecided)
4c Natsumeki!

Here is the clip for “II Ko Warui Ko Daisensou!“:

Source: official website, chirp

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