TikTok video claiming Koreans think they are the superior Asian race divides netizens

TikTok video claiming Koreans think they are the superior Asian race divides netizens

The comments were shared after a TikTok user went viral in January for posting about Koreans and saying they “I like to think that they are a superior Asian breed”.

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

TikTok user Vivian Nguyen recently caught the eye with her short video in which she talks about “Lookism and [email protected] in South Korea, citing Vietnamese-Australian NewJeans member Hanni and Thai BLACKPINK member Lisa as examples.

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

In his video, which has been viewed more than 668,000 times, Nguyen notes that many Koreans were surprised to learn that Hanni, whose real name is Pham Ngoc Han, is of Vietnamese descent after joining NewJeans, a group of the Labels ADOR, debuted. a subsidiary of Hybe.

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

At the beginning of the clip, Nguyen explains that Hanni resonates so well with the Korean media because she’s considered “East Asian” or “Korean.”

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

When Hanni debuted, many Koreans said: “Oh, I didn’t know you were Vietnamese because you look Korean.”.

“And saying that is a compliment because it’s like saying you look like us, that you’re perceived as a visually superior race… You look good.”

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

The TikTok user then talks about BLACKPINK member Lisa, who she claims is who she is “Most Popular International Member” but least popular in South Korea.

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

“That’s because she’s Thai and looks Thai.” explains the TikTok user. “She looks like she’s from Southeast Asia. And I’m saying that from my more than two years of experience in Korea, Lookism and that [email protected] are crazy there. »

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

Many TikTok users in the video’s comments section agreed, sharing their similar experiences in South Korea and other East Asian countries.

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“I lived in Seoul for a year and got so many compliments when they found out I’m Vietnamese and not Korean.”shared a TikTok user. “‘But you’re so pretty!’ Stop it now. “

“You’re right, I have Vietnamese friends who are mistaken for Koreans,” wrote another.

“Lookism is considered for success”, commented another user.

Some Korean users of a popular Korean community criticized Nguyen for his video. Internet users even accuse her of a “victim mentality”. »

The TikTok video, which claims Koreans

“It’s really forced. Who said we thought we were superior in looks? His victim mentality is amazing.” wrote one user in Korean.

“To say Lisa isn’t popular is ridiculous. Jennie is quoted the most, that’s why. Lisa is also very popular. Since when is she the least popular member? », commented another netizen.

“She doesn’t know anything about Koreans’ preferences and what we like, but she speaks for us, which is hilarious.” another user wrote.

In a video responding to a comment on the original article, Nguyen explains that she wasn’t referring to all South Koreans.

“As someone who has lived in Korea for more than two years, I think I can say something about that Culture with people who know that it will not affect every individual”she says in the video.

“Nevertheless, I understand that there is a culture and a zeitgeist that people don’t recognize or recognize because they only see Koreans through the media. What is a lack….

In general, in my experience with East Asians, they all think they are the best Asians [et] that Southeast Asians are among them. »

She adds in the description of her video: “I have lived in the three eastern countries: I have lived in all three East Asian countries before and here is what I observed.

I have CLOSE FRIENDS IN 3 COUNTRIES who don’t believe in these things. I didn’t think I should issue a warning. If you’ve seen/heard the things I’ve seen/heard/asked you might think differently. #colorism #lookism. »

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