This is the reason why hotel sheets and towels are white

This is the reason why hotel sheets and towels are white

When entering hotel rooms, you will be greeted with a predominantly white color. In addition to the color of the wall which is usually white, the bed sheets of the bedroom hotel and like.

Cleaning is an important service of a hotel. This is also the reason why every bed in hotel rooms is white.

When you think about it, white is actually considered a color that tends to get dirty easily. But, this is the real sign that the bed in the hotel room is dirty and must be replaced.

As reported Reading Digest, the hotel chose white for the bed linen and for the room it was clean and fresh. White sheets can also provide a better sleeping experience.

The leading hotel management school in Switzerland, Les Roches, stated that a white mattress makes guests think that the mattress in the hotel room is more comfortable.

In addition, a white mattress is considered to give a good impression of the hotel. If there is a stain on the white sheets, it can set a bad example for you hotel and.

The environment of The Trans Hotel in Seminyak Bali has a variety of interesting places, luxurious rooms with private pools and private villas with a comfortable village for those who want to experience life in the Balinese countryside.The hotel bed is white. (Photo: Christina Andhika Setyanti/CNN Indonesia)

Not only bed linen, towels, laundry, and door handles in hotel rooms are also white. In fact, the reason to choose white for hotel room towels is no different than for bed linen.

However, for practical reasons, in fact and therefore all the equipment in the white room of the hotel can be washed at the same time. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting stains from other colors.

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Meanwhile, historically, the white mattress design was first introduced in 1990 by the Westin Hotel in the United States. Only this policy followed by hotels in the United States and around the world.


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