THIS Big 3 K-pop agency treats interns really well

THIS Big 3 K-pop agency treats interns really well

Among the “BIG 3” K-Pop agencies, THIS company certainly treats their interns very well!

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Among the “BIG 3” K-pop companies, YG Entertainment is said to invest heavily in trainees.

In a recent vlog uploaded by WINNER Hoony (Lee Seung Hoon), he shared an interview with YG Entertainment Audition and Casting Team Leader Suk Eun Jae. In the video, the two audition tips and a look behind the scenes of the life of an intern in the company.


In particular, most K-pop fans know that aspiring artists must face the rigors of trainee life before becoming an idol. In the past, many second- and third-generation stars have shared that it’s been extremely difficult — meeting tight schedules, sticking to a diet, living in a cramped dorm, or working out day and night in the company’s basement.

In contrast, YG Entertainment’s trainees lived really comfortably thanks to the benefits offered by the company, despite the difficult training.

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Rather than being “hidden” in a basement, Suk Eun Jae revealed that trainees are encouraged to go out and play in their free time. It is shocking that the company also offers trainees their cinema tickets!

In addition to movie tickets, YG trainees actually have the benefits of attending concerts hosted by artists from the same company and were given their own seats to maximize their concert experience.


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These two were part of their social activities that are also part of their education, but the difference is that they have fun while learning!

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Unlike Idols, where they have to choose whether to train or study, YG actually encourages high school trainees to study well and succeed in their classes by providing tutors.

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After all, if the trainee is lucky and talented, the chances of getting work before even making his debut in the entertainment world are high! For example, suppose BLACKPINK Jisoo can appear in the drama “Producer” alongside 2NE1 Dara, Jennie and Rosé work with G-Dragon ahead of their debut, or iKON and WINNER can appear with the “Kings of K-Pop” BIGBANG.

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THAT K-pop agency

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THIS “Big 3” K-pop agency treats interns really well — can you guess which one?

The biggest question now is how much would an intern pay to access these benefits, right?

Well, YG Audition Team Leader has confirmed that everything is FREE!

She clarified that it was just a business investment rather than paying for it after its debut. The interns only have to concentrate on their professional success!

Quite unlike other agencies, whose training costs were counted as a debt that they must pay off through years of free work, depending on how quickly they can build popularity and make money.

THAT K-pop agency

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THIS “Big 3” K-pop agency treats interns really well — can you guess which one?

Hoony confirmed this by saying:

“It’s a company that doesn’t shy away from any support, so as an intern I also ordered three menus.”

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