These are 4 characteristics of intelligent and independent women, are you one of them?

These are 4 characteristics of intelligent and independent women, are you one of them?

1. Learn to enjoy your alone time

The pleasure of being alone is rare for women because by doing that they will feel lonely, so sometimes they invite friends to join them. hangout.

However, actually doing me time is a very enjoyable activity. To be intelligent and independent women, we must learn to enjoy the time of solitude because through these activities we can reflect on ourselves and forget for a while the problems we face.

2. Can Manage Money

Women are known to be consumptive creatures, they can spend a day just looking for one need. However, to be a smart and independent woman we must first understand the financial situation. We must also be able to manage money by distinguishing between wants and needs.

In addition, it is good to set aside money as an emergency fund or savings to meet needs, and realize our desires or dreams in the future.

3. Know your weaknesses and strengths

Knowing your weaknesses and strengths is one step towards self-awareness. Sometimes, because we are so focused on finding our weaknesses, we can’t see our strengths.

We often compare ourselves to others, so it is difficult to admit our shortcomings. In fact, admitting our shortcomings is not a bad thing, on the contrary, confidence allows us to understand ourselves and know ourselves better.

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If we can’t do something, it can be one of our weaknesses. However, to overcome this we need to find ways to increase our strength by turning weaknesses into strengths.

4. Put yourself first

Without realizing it, most women want to prioritize the happiness of others over their own. In other words, our own happiness is the highest priority, we are not responsible for the happiness of others.

Moreover, to be a smart and active woman, Fimela’s friend must dare to say no to things that can hinder our activities. Don’t be afraid to get out of an unacceptable situation because then we can carry out daily activities without any responsibility from others.

Author: Angela Marici

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