THESE 7 K-pop artists have made people fall in love with their brand

THESE 7 K-pop artists have made people fall in love with their brand

K-Pop has always been known for having many idols with glamorous visuals. With their flawless looks, some take it to the next level and can be seen on various brands.

Here Are 7 K-Pop Artists Who Stole Everyone’s Hearts With Their CFs!

1. SNSD YoonA

(Photo: Yoona Instagram)

SNSD YoonA was selected as the Korean brand ambassador for Innisfree in 2009. Although the idol was replaced, that didn’t stop her Innisfree commercials from catching fans’ attention as she was overwhelmingly visual.

YoonA is also part of SNSD’s “Bermuda Triangle” visuals, which consists of her, Yuri, and Seohyun. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a renowned actress!

2. User Interface

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(Photo: IU (News1))

IU caught her CF at CNP Cosmetics. Various CNP commercials have been released showing IU’s bright and sunny looks that go well with the brand.

As the advertising shows, IU has done a great job of promoting the products. IU really lived up to their title of “Nation’s Sweetheart” in their endorsements.

3. Bae Suzy



Back in 2013, Bae Suzy proved that she was indeed “the nation’s first love” with her CFs on The Face Shop. The Face Shop didn’t shy away from showcasing Suzy’s flirtatious look, which went well with her own brand. When it comes to making everyone fall in love, Suzy always does it with ease!

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4. Hyuna

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(Photo: Twitter)

HyunA was chosen to model for Tony Moly in 2014. It was a solid pick for the cosmetics brand as HyunA pulled off the commercials with confidence.

Aside from being one of the most talented idols, the “Bubble Pop!” The singer also manages to send out Queen vibes on her CF!

5. f(x)Sulli

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(Photo: Sulli (Facebook))

The late Sulli from f(x) is still remembered for her beautiful CF at Estée Lauder. In her commercials, Sulli’s lively charm exudes and embodies the Estée Lauder theme.

6.SNSD Taeyeon



SNDS Taeyeon flaunted his youthful looks in Nature Republic commercials. Aside from her vocal prowess, the SNSD leader is also popular for her vibrant looks.

As fans can see, Taeyeon has done a fantastic job of promoting the brand with her appeal and strong following. The “Happy” singer also showed her ethereal presence in the Banila Co CFs.

7. f(x) crystal

Young crystal

(Photo: Instagram: @vousmevoyez)

f(x)’s Krystal caught the eye with her innocent look on cosmetics brand Etude House. In her commercials, Krystal shows girl-next-door vibes and makes fans’ hearts beat faster! After her contract with Etude House ended, she also became the new endorser of cosmetics brand CLIO.

Which K-pop artists on the list have captured your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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