These 7 Countries Are Targeting Tourists With Thick Pockets, Retirees Are Going By The Side

These 7 Countries Are Targeting Tourists With Thick Pockets, Retirees Are Going By The Side

Restrictions on travel abroad have now begun to be eased for those coming foreign tourism. However, some countries have also become selective about who can enter after the outbreak.

As he reported Euronewsduring the Covid-19 pandemic, parliament tourism All over the world they are experimenting with the choice of installation policy. They are now embarking on their recovery plan by repeating ‘quality over quantity’.

Under the reductive argument tourism can have a positive impact on the environment and local communities in popular destinations. But does this mean travel will be reserved only for the rich?

These are countries that are targeting tourism with deep pockets to encourage tourism.

1. Indonesia

In September 2021, Indonesia joined the list of countries seeking ‘quality of visitors’ after the outbreak.

“We will aim to create better tourism in Bali, so we will not allow foreigners to enter once the official re-opening plan for international travelers is implemented in the future,” said the Minister. Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan during the visit. to Bali in September 2021.

According to Luhut, this policy was adopted to identify tourists who may violate health regulations or state immigration laws.

This also confirms the construction of luxury hotels such as Banyan Tree and Jumeirah in Bali, which shows that the island is far from a backpacker vacation.

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2. Fiji

During the pandemic, Fiji positioned itself as a haven for billionaires. In June 2020, the country launched the ‘Blue Route’ for divers who want to escape the disease in paradise.

In a tweet, Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama invited billionaires on private jets to rent their own island.

Before the outbreak, the tourism industry in the country accounted for 38 percent of the country’s economy. To start the recovery, the country continues to focus on luxury travel.

The Fiji Tourism Board has pledged to attract and expand the segment of high-value travelers and increase visitor spending to promote sustainable tourism from 2022 to 2024.

3. Hawaii

watching the rainbow in Hawaiiwatching a rainbow in Hawaii (Photo: iStockphoto/tobkatrina)

Last year, Hawaii suffered from an influx of tourists from the United States who flocked to the island as survivors. Lack of reception staff, traffic jams and 90-minute waiting times are some of the problems faced.

Unsustainable tourism values ​​not only the local infrastructure but also the island’s natural environment. Hawai’i is now hoping to discourage tourists and support local residents by raising prices.

Fees have been doubled for popular activities for foreign tourists. Many local governments are considering the impact of visiting other parks.

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