These 6 calcium-rich foods will strengthen your bones

These 6 calcium-rich foods will strengthen your bones

Calcium is essential for building and strengthening bones and teeth. Essential for the body, it is found in dairy products, but not only. Here are 6 foods that pack a significant dose.


With cheese, the rule is simple: the denser it is, the more calcium it contains. Hard noodles are therefore preferred. At the top is Gruyère, followed by Parmesan and Comté. They contain about 1,000 mg of calcium per 100 g.


dried thyme

This is a very high calcium food. According to ANSES, dried thyme contains 1,890 mg per 100 g. Added to grilled meat, a small goat or in a salad, it is very beneficial for the body.




We no longer count the benefits of that little fish we buy in a box. Vitamin D, zinc, but also calcium. It is appreciated with a potato salad or in rillettes with cream cheese.




When we think of calcium, we spontaneously think of milk. In fact, cow’s milk contains about 120 mg of calcium per 100 g. Goat’s milk and sheep’s milk contain a little more. Milk is also found in yoghurts.




Rich in lipids and carbohydrates, the almond is an important source of calcium. Avoid munching on pounds, but a simple handful in the morning for breakfast will do the trick.




Very trendy in recent years, kale or kale is considered a superfood. It contains many vitamins and remains low in calories. Most notably, it’s an excellent source of calcium: 185 micrograms per 100-gram serving.

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