These 5 tourist spots in Indonesia make your lungs not ‘old speed’

These 5 tourist spots in Indonesia make your lungs not ‘old speed’

air quality in big cities such as Jakarta and the surrounding area they started to become unfriendly. Air pollution is at a level that disrupts people’s lives.

In fact, in June 2022, Jakarta was the most windy region in the world. In fact, good air quality is needed, especially for children and the elderly.

Now, what people consider for traveling is also about the air quality of the vacation spots they go to. Travel destinations not only does it have good instagram views, but also cool and unpolluted air.

For those of you who really want to vacation to tourist destinations with quality air, Indonesia has many places that are worth visiting.

Here are 5 resorts in Indonesia with the best air quality.

Weh Island

According to the data collected, the city of Sabang in Aceh province has good air quality. Schedule air quality this place also remains safe from year to year. Sabang is actually a small city with an area of ​​only 122.1 square kilometers.

One of the tourist spots in Sabang where the air is clean and cool is Pulau Weh. On this island you can snorkel with fresh water, because the quality of marine life is one of the best in Indonesia.

Gili Island

A transport worker takes salt from a ship ashore at Panarukan Port, Situbondo, East Java, Saturday (25/10).  Transport workers work in groups of 8-10 people to unload salt from Gili Island, Sumenep about 16 tons per boat with a salary of Rp.  20,000/ton.  BETWEEN PHOTOS/Seno/ss/mes/14.Activities in Gili Island, Sumenep, East Java. (Photo: Seno/Antara)

This Gili island is in Sumenep Regency, East Java, not in Lombok. However, the Gili Islands also have good tourist spots with good air quality. Many rivers along the coast make this island more interesting.

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The level of pollution or carbon dioxide content here is also very low at 26.5 percent and the noise level is only 36.5 decibels. Gili Island is known as a health tourism destination, because it is the second most oxygen in the world after Jordan, which is 21.5 percent. Interestingly, most of the islanders are over 80 years old.

3 Other Travel Destinations in Indonesia with Air Quality