These 5 Things Should Be Prepared Before Traveling

These 5 Things Should Be Prepared Before Traveling

There is no shortage of equipment that you must prepare before entering, it is food. You don’t always shop outside, sometimes you need to cook your own food at home. Especially if you are hungry in the middle of the night or in an emergency.

Additionally, having your own cutlery can make it easier for you to store food from outside. Recommended cutlery to bring is a rice cooker or rice cooker, plate, spoon, bowl, fork, and glasses. You can also bring a frying pan, a spatula, to the pot if you want.

4. Iron fan

If you rent a condo that has air conditioning, then you don’t need to bring a fan. However, if you are renting a room without air conditioning and a fan, you should bring your own fan. Especially if it will be in a hot city.

A fan is something that should not be forgotten, especially if the bedroom is narrow and has no window. You can bring a mini or portable fan to make it easier. Meanwhile, you should also bring iron. In terms of its function, iron is very important to support your appearance when going to work or college.

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