These 5 Signs You Are A Talker

These 5 Signs You Are A Talker, Jakarta If you want to make friends, you must be willing to talk to others. But if you talk a lot, it will be difficult for you to make good friends. Talking too much makes others feel angry especially if no one is given a chance to answer or speak.

Well, sometimes we hardly realize that we are actually talkative people. So what are the signs of a talker? Come on, check out more below.

1. Your friendship is unbalanced

In a good friendship, two people feel able to open up and share things about themselves. But if you talk a lot, your friends may know more about you than you know about them. Instead of asking them questions, you can give them information about yourself.

2. You are uncomfortable with silence

Silence is a normal expression, but some people see it as a sign that the conversation has failed and they rush to fill it. If you feel the responsibility to fill the silence, you probably tend to talk about anything and everything that comes to mind.

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